My Alarm Clock Olive

OliveThis is my very obstinate cat Olive who wakes me every morning in some of the most unpleasant ways! But I still love her to death! Meow.

If I Were a Cat …


I wouldn’t have to go to work.

I could sleep in.

I would make it obvious when I needed attention.

I would know when to offer support to those who were willing.

I wouldn’t judge.

I could play like a kitten, even if I were older.

I would not wear skinny jeans.

I wouldn’t wear anything at all.

I would put my sharper instincts to better use.

I would enjoy my solitude.

I could find joy in the simple things.

I’d have more gratitude.

I would not take medications.

I could eat if I were hungry.

I would not feel ashamed of my body.

I’d love it.

I would not isolate.

I’d play with shiny things in the sun.

I would have trust.

I could curl up next to a loved one.

I’d love everything except pills and loud noises.

I would use my claws to protect myself and my vocals to get my needs met.

I could chase butterflies instead of unwarranted desires.

I’d leave my bathroom a mess.

I would feel welcomed wherever I go.

I’d be a better listener.

I could dream on your lap.

I wouldn’t leave without you knowing I’d come back.